The People

Jim Kershaw, Principal
Primary contact for our manufacturers
Sales and marketing of consumer products represented in
Middle and East Tennessee and Northern Alabama.
Sales training for all consumer accounts
Home Theater and projection television expertise
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Steve Merritt, Principal
Sales training for accounts
Sales and marketing for consumer products in East and West Tennessee, Mississippi and Southern Alabama .
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Liz Kershaw, Principal
Office manager
Liaison to manufacturers for smooth supply chain
Management of product and information
In-office support for dealers
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Our Support Staff:

Megan Crawford, Megan Crawford, Special Projects

John (JR) Rodgers, Customer Support, Distribution and Warehouse Manager,
IT support.

Rob Genins, Website Management and IT consultant.

The South may be the most economically and culturally diverse area in the country. We have the urban sophistication of Atlanta and Charlotte, the tropical splendor of Hilton Head and Sea Island, the technical strength of the Research Triangle of North Carolina and the aerospace industry in Huntsville, Alabama. And, we cannot forget the bar-be-que and the "Beale Street blues" of Memphis, and the charms of the one and only "Music City". However, we also have the coal country of East Tennessee and the abject poverty of the sharecroppers across Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. Permeating the entire region is the feel of the Old South, where a war that ended more than a century ago is still a topic of debate somewhere in the territory, each and every day.

We have four people inside for support and three on the road, covering six states. We split the territory along Interstate routes rather than state borders, due to the sheer size of the Southeast. Jim assists in training across the entire region, and Steve writes the communication for our accounts. Liz is the best in the industry in account administration and support. (As stated by our factories and dealers) Megan and JR work as a team, processing the orders, thus providing a high level of support for our account base.

As mentioned earlier, there is a long relationship shared by everyone involved in the business. Liz and Steve worked together at Studer-Revox beginning in 1977. Steve and Jim met in 1977, and maintained the relationship for many years before working together. Liz and Jim are partners in life, as well as in the business. Megan is the daughter of a long-time friend of Jim and Liz, and Rob was the assistant PGA pro at Jim's golf course, completing the close-knit family that is Creative Marketing Associates. We believe that this personal longevity makes the company somewhat unique within the industry, as it virtually eliminates internal communication issues and makes us extremely effective with our clients. We believe that the strength of our team will continue to offer the right solutions to meet the future needs of our dealers and manufacturers in this ever-changing business.